Impact is a non-profit Christian international mission with the purpose to Engage, Equip & Empower underprivileged children around the world for the cause of Christ. We work alongside international partners who work directly with the children to invest in their lives by providing whole-life care that encompasses their physical, social, economic and spiritual needs. We strive to be like Jesus by showing unconditional love to the poor and needy; we do this all for the glory of God!

Engage: We work closely with our partners and support teams of people to visit the ministries involved. We are “hands-on” and know those that we are helping personally.

Equip: The monetary support we raise equips the children by providing them with the Physical, Social, Economic and Spiritual needs they have.

Empower: Our goal is to help the children long -term and empower them to grow into successful, productive adults in their communities.