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Impact World Change partners with missional churches and Gospel-centered ministries to mobilize support-based workers for the Great Commission. When you give, your contribution makes a difference in the life of a missionary and unreached people across the world.

Supporting one of our IMPACT ministry partners is an easy way for you to make a difference in lives around the world from right where you are now. Impact ministry partners depend upon God’s financial provision through the faithful, ongoing support of churches and individuals like you to fund their missionary work. Join others in becoming a vital partner in seeing Christ’s mission completed. Your generosity gives someone the opportunity to hear about and accept Jesus. If you have questions or need assistance with giving to a missionary, call Impact World Change at 218-820-2002.

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Impact World Change

Mariia Harytonova is not your typical college student. With war raging in her home country of Ukraine, Mariia is working to give voice to her people from her new home in the United States. Mariia fled her country of Ukraine and came to the United States. She has now published a book with stories about life in Ukraine called “24.”  The number 24, signifying the date Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, has become what she describes as “fatal for the Ukrainian nation.” More than 6 million refugees have fled Ukraine with millions more displaced within the country.

Mariia Kharytonova - 24theBook

Mariia Kharytonova

Project Manuelito is a ministry to children who have lived in and on the streets of Honduras. Having been homeless as a child himself, Pastor Jorge Pinto led his church in a project to help get kids off the streets. Project Manuelito focuses on housing and caring for both girls and boys who have been abandoned by their parents and have been exposed to abuse, illness, drugs, and violence.

Project Manuelito, Impact Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Yura Fedoryuk has a desire to help ground new believers in their faith. In this season of war, the church is reaching out to the growing population of refugees from the East and their citizens who are economically affected by the war.

Open Heart Church, Impact Ukraine

Zolotonosha, Ukraine

Dr. William Kyagulanyi works in Uganda, Africa to provide a well ministry where he is a specialist. Additionally we support the construction of schools and churches for the purpose of education and job skills development. Dr. William Kyagulanyi received his qualification for well drilling from the Ugandan government and was given permission to work with Korean excavation drilling equipment manufactured by Hyundai. 

Clean Water - Impact Uganda

Dr. William Kyagulanyi


Nastya Biermaier teamed up with her Uncle Dan, at Studio Wraps, to start a fundraiser for the orphans of Ukraine. Nastya is from Kyiv and is devastated by the recent news in Ukraine. Nastya and our family are heartbroken knowing there is nothing we can do to fix the current situation but they want to help.

Ukraine Stickers

Orphan Support