Fees charged by IMPACT on donations for administrative costs:

Surplus fees collected above the actual administrative expenses for a fiscal year will be reallocated to the General Fund at the end of the year so as to be used for ministry support.

Administrative fees cover the following:

  • Your donors claim deduction on federal taxes for donating to a 501(c)3 organization
  • Online Donation Capabilities
  • Fund Disbursement
  • Accounting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Legal Compliance
  • State and Federal Filings
  • Donor Tracking
  • End of Year Donor Receipts
  • Marketing Templates
  • IT Services
  • Office Supplies and Equipment
  • Postage
  • Any expenses related to board meetings

No salaries are paid to anyone. IMPACT is entirely volunteer operated.

Exception to the % based administrative fees

Mission Trip donations are not charged a fee by IMPACT; each team member going on an IMPACT mission trip must provide $100 to cover the admin fees for their portion of the trip. Services provided for Mission Trip support include the following:

  • Donor Fundraising Page
  • Donor Tracking
  • Individual Missionary Fund Balance tracking and reporting
  • Airline, Lodging, Travel Insurance Disbursement Support
    We do not book/arrange airline, lodging or insurance. We only pay the bill at your direction
  • End of Year Donor Receipts

Additional fees not charged by IMPACT that are deducted from ALL donations

  • Credit Card Processing 3%-4%
  • Bank Wire Transfer Fees $15 – $50 (based on country receiving)
  • PayPal, Venmo, Western Union Fees (variable)
  • Postage for checks or packages mailed on your behalf